The two planned to focus on increasing diplomatic relations between the US and Russia in coming months and years. “The weekend was lovely,” a relaxed and lackadaisical Obama told reporters. “Watching the sun set in our side by side bathtubs really allowed me and Vlad to get down to the real issues.” Although the summit meeting had a rocky start when Mr. Putin found it difficult to fall asleep in the shared heart-shaped water bed, the ocean sound generator provided by the resort quickly calmed him down. The retreat, rumoured to have involved deep tissue massages and detoxifying seaweed body wraps is being praised by US and Russian media alike as both nations look for stronger post-Cold War ties and more “quality time”.    Lesbian voters turn away from Wiener in upcoming election. Former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, known for coming under fire for a twitter sexting scandal in 2011 is considering a mayoral run this year. Expected to Plumber naperville illinois face openly gay politician Christine Quinn, the war of words has already begun. “Wiener just leaves a bad taste in my mouth,” Quinn said in a press conference late this evening. She continued to say that following Weiner’s infamous sexting scandal only two years ago, a mayoral campaign would be a “ballsy and even cocky move.”   Quinn is not alone, a recent Gallup poll finds nearly 100 percent of lesbian voters disinterested in Wiener.

Before he became general manager of The Sunny Plumber, Eisenhauer “dabbled” in a variety of careers, from office administration to law enforcement and federal prison supervisory work. It was in this last capacity — as plumbing supervisor for eight years at a prison in California — that Eisenhauer gained perspective about customers. “I tell our technicians that my best client in prison was worse than my worst client on the outside,” he says. “My best defense was communication.” A growing company like The Sunny Plumber is necessarily a hiring company. It builds out its business on the backs of new hires who, once they prove themselves, become the veteran employees whose performances foster future growth. The Sunny Plumber will be in a hiring mode for years to come because the Southwest U.S. company aspires to establish itself across the country. “We are not yet expanding across the country, but that kind of thinking is coming into play,” says Gary Eisenhauer, general manager, “The goal (in 2018) is to expand quicker. Every month, we have a management meeting to determine if it is time to move forward or to slow down.” In the process of expansion, Eisenhauer constantly will be culling male and female technician candidates for employment. The general manager says technical ability is not the first criterion he considers as he interviews job applicants. “The first thing I look for in the recruiting process is integrity,” he says.

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