A chamber which provides water to the pump. A tank or pit that receives sewage or liquid waste, located below the normal grade of the gravity system and that must be emptied by mechanical means. Sump Pump: An automatic water pump powered by an electric motor for the removal of drainage, except raw sewage, from a sump, pit or low point. Sump Vent: A vent from pneumatic sewage ejectors, or similar equipment, that terminates separately to the open air. Sweating: Another term for soldering a pipe or joint for the purpose of sealing a new joint or mending a fault. Sweep: A pipe bend fitting used in drains to permit smooth passage of waste. T&P Valve: Temperature and pressure valve. A valve that opens to release excess pressure and temperature in a system. Tailpiece: The section of pipe that runs between a fixture outlet and the trap. Tee: A plumbing fitting in the shape of the letter “T,” used to connect three sections of pipe. Tee Fitting: A fitting that allows another pipe to be joined at a 90-degree angle.


Older pipes are more susceptible to being invaded by roots There are three key moments for when to camera sewer lines: A very good time to be camera a sewer line is before buying a home. Regular home inspections don’t include any inspection on the sewer line. Therefore, having a trusted plumbing company come out and camera your sewer line is a must. Sewer problems are a must know when buying a new house and is a definite condition for you to note and take a look at prior to purchasing a home. If more than one line is backing up then there is a possible sewer problem. Backing up includes water coming up from the drains or in the toilet can be a red flag of a sewer problem. Gurgling or bubbling sounds are also a red flag if they are coming from multiple plumbing fixtures. Similar to backing-up plumbing, clogged drain may be another larger cause than just debris in the drain. This goes along the lines of tree roots getting into sewer lines, causing clogs and then eventually full blockages. If you suspect that there is a problem with your sewer system, give a trusted plumbing company a call.


A gas water heater could not make him more considerate, but it would cut your delay time in half. While gas water heating units heat water quicker and less expensive than electric heating systems, it is still essential to purchase the best dimension container for your house requires. A gas water heater that is too tiny could still leave you showering in lukewarm water. The majority of houses will need a 40 gallon gas warm water heater. This heater will take treatment of a modest sized house with 3 to 4 residents, two restrooms, and a cleaning device. Of program, if you live alone and just have one washroom, you can acquire by with a smaller sized water heater. On the other hand, you may require a larger heater if there are much more relative, especially teenagers, in the residence and a dish washer or whirlpool bathrooms. Even as soon as you have found out which gas water heater is the right dimension for your house, you might desire to purchase a dimension bigger for a few factors. Most of these factors will certainly focus on your family members’s way of living. For instance: If you have a relative who is infamous for taking long, very hot showers, or if you have to run the dishwashing machine, cleaning equipment and shower at the same time and in the few hrs that you obtain to spend at home, you may wish to acquire a larger gas water heater than is advised for your family members size.


“Wiener just leaves a bad taste in my mouth,” Quinn said in a press conference late this evening. She continued to say that following Weiner’s infamous sexting scandal only two years ago, a mayoral campaign would be a “ballsy and even cocky move.”   Quinn is not alone, a recent Gallup poll finds nearly 100 percent of lesbian voters disinterested in Wiener. Although this data is hardly surprising, Weiner will have to gain support in this demographic in order to avoid getting the shaft in the 2013 elections.    Gordontheplumber.com Commercial Plumbing In My Area Senator in hot water after slander of handsome NK leader A top US Congressman yesterday expressed concerns regarding the “stability” of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, sparking controversy throughout the international community. “My comments were out of line,” the congressman said in a press conference this morning. “I meant no disrespect.”  The comments were considered particularly inappropriate following yesterday’s charitable actions by the North Korean dignitary. North Korean television reported his heroic deeds, showing him dropkicking a dragon that had been devastating at least two small North Korean cities; saving a horde of thankful and beautiful women, all of whom had been hanging off cliffs; and rolling in a large pile of money while thankful children looked on.  “Unstable?” said President Obama in a press conference to alleviate the international embarrassment. “From what I’ve been reading in North Korean newspapers, Kim Jong is as stable and good-looking as it gets.” At press time, the North Korean leader was announcing the release of a “real life video game” which would feature worldwide nuclear assault. Pope to usher in new age of judgement, piety and hypocrisy. On Wednesday white smoke rose from the Vatican signaling the beginning of a new reign for the Catholic Church. One that will surely usher in the judgment and sanctimony long asked for by Catholics everywhere. “I plan to lead a more progressive church,” newly elected Pope Jorge Bergoglio said in his inaugural speech.


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